Sunday, May 24, 2020

Oddities of Country Living

I was relaxing in the backyard just now, lightly slumbering. I began to have the oddest feeling that someone was watching me. The yard is enclosed, however. What could have produced this irrational feeling, this tension in my blood?

I wandered into the yard. Then I saw—it. What manner of thing could this be?

My fence had grown a face! And it was watching me, studying me. Was it making plans? Would they be to my benefit or to my detriment? My God, Who reigns in heaven and on earth, what have I gotten myself into?


  1. The Face......


    With A Nice Hat

  2. LOL!! Your yard looks amazing! Congratulations.

  3. It's becoming kind of whimsical. It's pretty much growing on its own. I'm not planning any of this. I just go into a store and freak out and come home with crazy stuff. What's funny is, Bobby always worked on the courtyard in our Quarter apartment, and I hated doing anything for it. Turns out I wasn't lazy. I wasn't invested. This place is MINE!!! And I want it to represent me! Is that crazy? Lol!


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