Saturday, April 18, 2020

An Afternoon Shower

The sound of rain on the roof of our carport. Such a simple pleasure. Sure beats driving around the Quarter for sizable chunks of time, trying to find a parking spot before heading in for the evening—then waking up and trying to remember where you left the car so you can move it before the city starts towing vehicles so they can sweep the streets.

A shower, a carport, a fence, and some plants. Simple things.


  1. Is that a Staghorn Fern hanging on the fence... its Huge ....... Love the fence and all the plants... since you are now in the semi tropics .. its made for plants like you have

    Hugs from the Piney Woods of Central La

    1. It is, Tommy. Sadly we left the biggest one (about triple the size of this one) back in the Quarter for the landlord to do with as she pleases.

  2. It looks so tropically cozy there. Congrats again!!


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