Saturday, January 7, 2017

Every Day a Little Death

Looking at my calendar, I noticed yesterday was Bigezbear’s 12th anniversary. I’ve been neglectful.

I’ve been grieving. Grieving the passing, the lessening of my usefulness to others as I grow older. Grieving the passing of civility in those places where people could once be counted on to be courteous to one another.

I had forgotten the word that had presented itself to me to be my standard in the daily battles of my life. Racham. I had lain it aside and lost the map to the nook in which I had left it.

I’ve been hiding behind these walls, accommodating myself to the gathering darkness, making friends with it since I didn’t believe there were any others left to me.

I need to open doors again. I need to see sunlight. I need to step out into the light again.


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