Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I've Had Enough of Just Passing By Life

As a person gets older, his world grows smaller. Whereas once he might have spent his time accumulating things, now he finds himself disposing of his collection. Friends fall away or die—or, at least, stop telephoning him as often as they once did. He begins to know loneliness in place of what he had once considered privacy.

It can be sad.

Feeling this way recently, I decided it was important that I immerse myself in life again.

Thus emboldened, I betook myself to my trusty neighborhood watering hole. Because of the hour of the day, I expected to see only a handful of patrons, some of whom I might know. I did not expect to walk into a raucous crowd of merrymakers reducing the available real-estate to a stool or two in the back of the joint.

And I knew these partyers. I knew them by name which means I had known them long enough to have memorized their noms de bar.

And I realized I know a lot of people, and these people I know are crazy!

I held on for an amount of time that would not have characterized my leaving as a hasty retreat, but I was cognizant while I was there that I was missing my sad old man-cave and its solitude, its seclusion.

The parade may be passing me by, all right, but somebody’s got to stand there on the street and watch it.


  1. Still good to go out and immerse yourself on occasion, I imagine, the better to appreciate your cave, which the crowd can render peaceful rather than lonely. xo

  2. It seems the grass is always greener, doesn't it? I'm not sure my intended tone came through on this piece. I was trying to illustrate the humor of "wanting more" then getting it and finding out it's too much to handle all at once. Or was I ... ? I don't know. The thing about these "notes in a bottle" is that each person who comes across them will interpret them according to her own place on her own journey. That's a kind of wonderful thing ;-)

  3. so true! because this is definitely my truth, too. and yes, it's funny ironic. but i was also curious for you to define "crazy." because crazy can be fun!

  4. Thought I'd share this with you, Glenn. Did you know that on this date -- December 19, 1686 -- Robinson Crusoe finally left the island? A lesson here, perhaps, for all us French Quarter maroons. Yours, A.

  5. Oh, I definitely meant to describe my friends as crazy-fun. That's why I described them as raucous merrymakers and partyers.

  6. Thank you, Arthur, I did not know that. Do you think he ever missed the island in later years?

  7. Good question. Wonder if Friday ever missed the island too.

  8. Good question. I wonder if Friday ever missed the island too.


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