Wednesday, December 5, 2012

How to Beat the Holiday SADs

One word.

"Keep-'em-coming rum-and-cokes served in the midst of convivial company."

Okay, so that's more than one word. What good is one word? At a time like this, when those dreary moods start overtaking the jollity, every little word needs to be one of an aggregate of other words.

For instance, one word: "Hmm."

What's with that? Isn't this better?

"Hmm, do you think it has enough lights and ornaments? I can still see tree in spots."

One word: "Oh."

How about?

"Oh, my God, that dress is fabulous! Take it off. Take it off right now. What's that you say? Honey, I will make it fit! and I will make it work far more than you could ever dream of working it!"

Do you see what I'm getting at?

When you have a word like "sit," why not corral some other words to play with it?

Words like, "Do I really want to sit here? No. I'm going to get up and take a walk. Hell, I might even get lucky. Who knows?"

Isn't that better? Even Moby Dick began with three words. Melville didn't start off by saying, "Meh ... "

'Tis the season to be profligate. The bills won't start coming until January!

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