Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Where Was I ... ?

Oh, yeah, huddled under the metaphorical covers for the last month or so, trying to make it through the election season, the hurricane season, the shopping season. Hell, the overarching season of calculated cynicism.

I need a puppy to love. Something basic back in my life.

I admit I've been in a pretty sour mood; and you know I don't like to post and burden you during those dips when I lose my normal charm, my sweetness and charisma, my typical, everyday joie de vivre.

I did allow myself to be thankful on Thanksgiving Day. Thankful for the people I love. Even thankful for those nuisance people who clutter my life and stand in my way, doing everything they can to bring me down because they resent my stature and abhor the goodness which I represent. They add shadow and dimension to my world; and, really, what can they do to me? They are creepy-crawly bugs beneath my feet. I crush them as I rush out into the world to greet the sun!

Obviously, I'm feeling better now.

I think I might even be ready to handle that speed bump coming up ahead next month. You know the one. The end of the world.

Yeah, I seem to be  getting my mojo back on.


  1. i'll meet you on the other side of the end of the world because i know we'll both still be standing. glad to see you!

  2. The thing about your mojo is that when it comes back it comes back heavy enough to spread around all over the place. You take what you need, honey!


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