Saturday, October 13, 2012

When Nappies Get in the Way

We had big plans for today.

Near noon, we were going to hobble over to the riverfront streetcar stop near here and trolley up to Woldenberg Park for the Seafood Festival.

To get us through the morning hours until then, I microwaved us a little batch of Eggbeaters for a light breakfast.

Bad idea.

Made us sleepy. Food does that to old people.

We napped through the rest of the morning and didn't wake up again until around two-thirty this afternoon.

If I hadn't devoted so much of my life to public service and good deeds, I would be feeling like a waste of a human being right now.

To that, I say, "Pshaw!"

Instead, I'm listening to Francis A. & Edward K.

I came upstairs with the intention of touring the Interwebs, but there's nothing on this afternoon. Who would've ever thought that having the world at your fingertips would be so boring and mundane?

The music is good though.

I took a few snapshots of some of the leaves on the plants in the courtyard. That's productive. In a little while, I'll probably take a shower. That'll be really productive—at this point, anyway.

Later, I could always read a book, I guess.

Life is good.

Okay, it's boring, but sometimes that's all right. Life is full of mountains and valleys, ditches and troughs, and stalled traffic. It's all good.

And that, grasshopper, is the big, audience-grabbing trick you will have to learn before you can take that final bow.


  1. Angella wrote (but her message somehow didn't get posted), "I had the same kind of day. Twas good! "

    To which I say, "See what good and classy company I keep?"


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