Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Some Thoughts for the Day

Or, How to Stop Worrying and Roll with the Punches.
  • I haven't had much contact with the big, wide outside world since Friday night. That was my most recent occurrence of disconnection from the Internet. My ISP knows what the problem is. It's some kind of crinkle in an outside, underground telephone line. (They call it a "tap," but that makes me nervous. I prefer to think if it as a crinkle.) They promise me they'll fix it, but they haven't yet sent me anyone who works in the dirt, only the guys who do the inside jobs. But, hey, when the last technician arrived—surprise—I was back online and everything was rosy again. So what the hell, it's only 2012, and AT&T is doing the best it can!
  • There's this guy from Indiana running for the US Senate who has "struggled" with the idea of abortion and come to the conclusion that God (who is a man, like him) doesn't want any woman to do it, no matter what. I wonder, is it God who does miscarriages and stillbirths? I guess so. Anyway, I kinda think, being a man myself and all, and a single man at that, that abortions are things I don't have to struggle with. I have enough clutter to deal with in my life as it is. Women can take care of themselves. As for those unwanted babies, after years of childhood abuse and neglect and subsequent criminal activities, we can always ship 'em off to some prison somewhere and execute 'em while we stand outside and cheer the executioner. Abortion bad, execution good. Jesus wouldn't have it any other way. Come to think of it, He was executed. It must be all a part of God's plan. Who writes these rules, anyway?
  • I'm beginning to enjoy seeing Mitt Romney on television every morning. Unlike Barack Obama, you never know what he's going to say, what side he's going to take. He may be just what the White House needs, a weather vane. Just a big old cock, stuck up on a stick on the roof, a-blowin' in the wind.
Breathe in. Breathe out. Keep rolling.


  1. yeah, that barack is kind of predictable isn't he? oh what the heck, i'm voting for him anyway.

  2. Ditto. I mean, weather vanes are nice, but they sort of went the way of bayonets and horses.

  3. Excellent post Glenn. I really wish that guy from Indiana would leave my uterus alone.

  4. Thank you! You know there's really something off-balance about all this. These old men have Viagra, and they seem to expect all women to be grateful and pregnant. The time is past due for women to get into power and start running things from a different perspective. Personally, after all these years of being alive, I really do believe my mama raised me right.


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