Thursday, October 4, 2012


There are times, sometimes,  I feel so full of lonesomeness and hurt that I imagine myself standing in a vast, blasted field.

Bleeding from my eyes.

I apologize.

I don't know why I wrote that.

I have never wanted to explore the dark side here. I don't want to bring that kind of sadness into this place.


I may be talking this way because I'm listening to sad songs and Elvis ballads... Ugh...

I say, "Ugh...," because... well, you know... Ugh.

I'm sorry.

Tonight, I feel as if I'm living in the land of No.


No to this. No to that. No.


I didn't mean to say that...

Everything is fine, of course.

It always was and will be, always .

Will be...

I would love a large cafe au lait!

Dark roast, no chicory, please!

And thank you ;-)


  1. That's me, knocking on your door, one cafe au lait, dark roast, no chicory coming up!

    And Phantom of the Opera, good Lord, I love that music. I fell in love with Gerard Butler because he played Phantom in the movie. I mean, I swoon to that music.

    And don't apologize for what you write here. This is your space to do with as you will. To say what you will. Partnerships are hard. It just looks like everyone else has it figured out, but really, it's a dance of compromise every day, one at least one person's part!

    Good night, sweet friend. I'm off to listen to Music of the Night and wait for my girl, who is on a bus coming home.


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