Thursday, September 27, 2012

On Being Prepared
So You'll Never Have to Remember
What You're Liable to Forget

Early yesterday morning, I received an email from Walgreen's telling me a prescription was ready for pickup. Since we had to be home throughout the afternoon to let in some contractors who are intent on repairing the damage done to our apartment by Hurricane Isaac (that water blister on the wall), we headed out this morning to do what we needed to do.

First stop was for me to drop off a CD of photographs to Richard Mayer at the Shadowbox Theatre. I left them in his mailbox. I hope it was his mailbox... It was on his building, but, thinking about it, the address on the box may have been for the people who live upstairs. I can only hope one of those people is not named Richard, as well.

But, hey, it's not my problem.

Next, we swing by the bank so I could collect some green from the ATM.

Then, Walgreen's. Imagine my surprise when the druggist (the druggist himself was waiting on customers at the counter) told me the prescription wasn't ready. They had had to order a new supply. It should be in by tomorrow. Could I check back then?

But you people sent me an email, I thought to mself. How careless and inefficient can a company be?

I decided then and there I'll wait for them to phone me whenever it does show up. I'm not about to make another trek tomorrow, "just in case."


Bobby wanted spray paint to redo the statues in the garden, so we headed up to Mary's Ace Hardware. That's right, Mary's. This is the Quarter, people. It's called Mary's. This stop should have been easy pickings, but I decided to ask the service people which kind of spary paint would be best for garden statues made of concrete. As they fretted and struggled to try to figure out which paint was right, I turned to Bob and whispered, "This is going to take forever. Let's get out of here."

We did.

Now Bobby wanted to get some seafood for his lunch. We headed off to Cajun Seafood, a little joint run by some Koreans on Claiborne Avenue. I pulled into the parking lot and settled next to a beige Jeep.


As Bob was getting out of the car, he turned back to me and said, "That Jeep has false eyelashes on its headlights."

I looked around and saw that the Jeep did indeed have false eyelashes. A great whopping pair of curled steel eyelashes reared themselves up over the two headlights on its front.

I quietly cursed myself. This was meant to be a short utilitarian trip, so, for once, I had decided to leave my cellphone at home. I had nothing at hand to capture the sight of this drag-queen military vehicle.

Still, I got out of the car and walked around to get a good look at those lashes. I stood there for a few moments, willing myself to remember this sight for as long as I live. Carol Channing eyes, the turnsignal lights just below, looking for all the world like rouged cheeks, and the bumper flashing a brilliant smile to reach the balcony.

A Jeep, I tell you! Well, this ain't your grandpappy's army anymore.

It's all a memory photo now, of course, that Jeep with the flamboyant makeup. The memory will have to do. And it will.

Once home, I collected my cellphone and took a look at it's face. I had a voicemail message witing for me.

It was a robo-call from Walgreen's advising me my prescription was on back order and that they would call me when it was finally ready.

Those bastards.

But I guess if I hadn't wasted the amount of time I'd wasted at the pharmacy, I would have missed that diva Jeep.

And that would have been a shame.


  1. Walgreen's did you a solid. I would not have wanted to miss hearing about the jeep with the eyelashes!

  2. Lol, as we say down here, "Yeh, you right!"


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