Monday, September 3, 2012


I want...
  • ...a new tattoo. No, two new tattoos. What I really want is three. I know what I want one of them to be, but not the others. Well, one of the others. But not all three. Not yet.
  • ...a gold pirate earring.
  • stop creaking when I get up from a chair and start to walk. Probably not gonna happen again in this lifetime. But I want it.
  • eat everything in sight and lose weight instead of getting fatter than I already am. What's so wrong with that?
  • and all the people I love to start aging backwards physically and beautifully and not just mentally. The rest can all go desiccate.
  • be able to travel through time and space.
  • ...the nerve to say "No" to people when they ask me to do something I don't want to do. 
  • ...whatever I want and when I want it.
  • clear out all the clutter in my head and start to focus on one thing at a time again.
  • father back so I can make up to him for being the jerk I was when I was a teenager.
  • mom to be here to hold me again when I need to be held by her and nobody else.
  • love without needing to be loved in return.
  • ...simplicity.


  1. Dear Glenn, I know so deeply about wanting every one of these things (except the tats) and a faux breezily as you set them down here, i know the ache behind them, because I feel the ache behind them every morning when I open my eyes, and in the moments of the day when I pause, like a well of tears in the throat, and I love that you said these things you wish, just went ahead and wrote them down, put them where you could see them, and I could see them too. Thank you. Now I shall go and lock myself in the bathroom and have a good cry, because that can be healing sometimes, or at least it can get you to the next moment. I love you, friend.

  2. Beautifully written. Thank you for sharing. Please include photos of you with your new "bling"!.

  3. We'll see. Cameras don't generally like me ;-)


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