Sunday, September 30, 2012

Dashing Dreams

I'm not a joiner by nature, but when I saw this ad on New Orleans' Craigslist's Artist Community, I did give it some thought:

I have been desiring to start some kind of cult-like organisation of people for a while now and wanted to send out some feelers.

A network of people who generally subscribe to a certain loose set of peaceful morals, goals and mindset, but are not indoctrinated into them. Also do some weird things around the place, like displays of bizarre public art.

I will seek to make this organisation a cross between the Jedi Order/Buddhism/The Occupy Movement/Anonymous/Fight Club and Bane's army in the Dark Knight Rises, only without the destruction and death. Should this idea pick up off the ground I will seek to move into more concrete facets of business for this organisation (such as some kind of cool uniform and masks).

This is only an idea at the moment, but send me an email if you are interested and we can possibly start a Facebook page or summat. You will not be obliged to do any more than this.
No destruction? No obligation to do anything more than maybe "Like" a Facebook page?! What kind of cult is that? But, wait, there is the promise of future uniforms and masks!

Ah, but it all sounds like the airy-fairy mental conjurings of  some transplanted hipster from the Pacific Northwest with a medium-rare education and no organizational skills.

You want a cult? You gotta be ready for crucifixion, buddy. In other words, go out and live it. There will always be people with less of a mind than yours who will come along and ooh and ah at what you do and who will want to be like you and will want to follow you.

Until then, clarify and concretize your mission statement, punk. Or pray for some new-age Saint Paul to come along and do it for you.


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