Monday, August 27, 2012

Prepping for Isaac

We've tied down the potential projectiles, fastened the door- and window-shutters, and hunkered down to play the game of wait and see. Another hurricane is creeping up on us, and this time everyone seems to be ready for it.

Our public officials are taking a cue from the weathermeisters and keeping their heads on top of their shoulders this go round. Everyone who's in the know considers this new storm to be a reasonable storm, not a raging Gorgon like Katrina or Camille, but reticent like some tentative, middle-aged guy who doesn't get out much.

The mayor has been on television, saying, "Hey, if ya wanna go, go; we'll be watching the homesteads till you come back. But if you wanna stay, be my guest. Be ready to lose a little power for a while, but that's to be expected. And don't go running outside into those heavy winds. A piece of slate off a nearby roof might do a Monty Python on your ass. And then where are ya...?"

Yeah, things are different this time around. It's like somebody figures, since we've been through all of this before, and not so long ago, we might be able to handle it and ourselves.

It's nice to think so.

It is a shame to have this happen on the seventh Katrina-versary, though. I had pretty much dug myself out of that pit of depression, but memories will come swimming back to me now on the waves unleashed by this new tempest.

That's to be expected.

I think I can handle them.


  1. Me too, Glenn. Slidell wasn't hit as bad as NOLA, but it was pretty bad nonetheless. Stay safe.

  2. I promise to. Stay safe, that is. You do the same. Stay warm and dry.


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