Friday, May 25, 2012

To All the People Who Hate My Guts ...

... Chew on this!

My internet buddy, Rick, surprised me this morning with this little "tribute" on Google +.

I'd like to point out that I am not really a hundred years older than he, it just looks that way to him—and feels that way to me most mornings. I'd also like to make clear that, upon reading this, I became neither swell-headed nor teary-eyed as Rick may have feared I would (okay, I do admit I cried). I found Rick's remarks be both accurate and appropriate, and they all fit me to a T.

This is what he wrote:
Red Door Hinge (for Glenn)

Like many of the pics I post here, the one below was originally posted on my blog. In that blog post I dedicated the pic to my longtime blogging buddy +Glenn. I first "met" Glenn online (we've never met face to face) sometime around December of 2006 (if memory serves.) And, strange as it may seem, this Canadian in Japan and that American in New Orleans became friends, and are still friends today. (It's not all in my head, is it Glenn? We're buddies, right? LOL!)

So, what does all that have to do with the pic below? Well, my buddy Glenn also takes pictures. He takes damn fine pictures, in fact, and has been doing it a lot longer than I have (of course he's also a lot older than me--about a hundred years older, I think... Haha!) And back when my own interest in taking pictures was transitioning from "guy who can take family pics without cropping everyone's head" to "guy who's becoming interested in something more than just heads-intact family pics," well, back then Glenn was my first source of encouragement. And he remains my strongest source of encouragement. (I don't want him getting all swell-headed, or worse, teary-eyed (LOL!), but I always wonder... before I post a picture, I always wonder if Glenn will like it. There you have it.)

Why did I choose this pic to pay respect to my good buddy? Did he teach me some secret to shooting door hinges or something? Well, no, not exactly. I don't think Glenn has ever, in any formal sense, "taught" me anything about taking pics. But, as I said, he has always been generous with his encouragement. And I've had the benefit of seeing every picture he's posted for the past several years. They're all good. This may seem like a strange compliment... Glenn never taught me how to take a picture of a door hinge, but if I'd never met him, it might never have occurred to me that a picture of a door hinge could be interesting, or even beautiful (and I'll exclude the present example from that judgement!)

Please do yourself a favor and check out Glenn's blog My Life in the Quarter. You won't be disappointed.

Thanks buddy...
You're welcome, grasshopper ;-)

This is what growing old should be about: tributes and unconditional love. I feel like Betty White!

I confess I did cry a bit when I read this, but that's what old people do. We cry. And pee. Mostly pee. A lot. (Be right back).

Rick, you are the son I never had. Which, of course, means that I am not bound by the Napoleonic Code, so don't expect an automatic inheritance. You gotta keep being nice if you want in on that. Don't feel bad about it, though, it suits you, this niceness.

You should keep up the good work with your little snapshots, too.

And the gratitude? It never hurts ;-)


  1. To be really honest, I was kinda angling for that parrot under the red umbrella... ;-)
    There are people who hate your guts? I can't even imagine that (and that's the truth!).
    You rock, buddy!  :-)

  2. You want that parrot? I hate that parrot. It's Bob's. Pay the postage, it's yours. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to come out of my shell long enough to string some words together again!

  3. Truer words have rarely been said.  You've been such a huge inspiration to me as well.  You make me remember and make me see in ways I thought I had lost - and that is never a bad thing.  Whether you realize it or not, you are a huge blessing to everyone who comes in contact with your art.  

    So Kudos to Rick.  Well said, my friend.

  4. Aw, dammit, now I'm cryin' again. AND I GOTTA PEE!

  5. People who hate your guts? Who are they? Methinks they don't exist, because I'm here to join the chorus and say you are in inspiration to me too. Remember when you told me how to deal with two souls at my job that were just plucking my last nerve? Wisdom, my friend. You have it. And it should come as no surprise to anyone who has seen your photographs that in fact, they are what first drew me to you, as well. They are indeed beautiful, a very present and conscious way of seeing the world. Thank you!

  6. LOL, after all this, I wish I could say the people who hate my guts were formidable, but, in fact, they're pissants compared to you wonderful friends. I'm so glad you've enjoyed my little pictures. There is just so much to see and so little time ;-)

  7. And people say the Internets are mean and nasty ... ;-)

  8. now that, is a nice hinge. hah.
    no really, the texture and color is striking (was the red naturally that bold or was contrast upped a bit?)


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