Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Listeners

I'm the kind of person other people do not listen to. You know the type. We come along and open our mouths, your eyes begin to glaze, you start stifling yawns, we fade from your consciousness as you sidle away.

I'm not complaining. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind. I'm of the strong, silent persuasion, anyway. I'm sure I must have mentioned that before. Maybe you just didn't catch it as it sibilantly sailed across the space that lay between us.

I've learned to not expect people to pay me any mind, so I tend to keep my thoughts and stories to myself. Saves embarrassment all around.

On the up side, though, there's this, that people other people do not listen to are listeners themselves, if not by nature, then by nurture. We are the confessors, the confidants, the bearers of secrets, crimes, and deceits.

Once we were the children whose ears the snakes came and cleaned so we could hear. We are the ones who paid attention in school. We heard the lessons the speakers ignored.

Now we leave them scribbled on scraps for others to stumble upon later and wonder at.

Or not.

It all becomes the same to us as we retreat deeper into our caves.


  1. I listen to you. I think you should do another play. I swear  I'll come to NOLA just to see it. And you. 

  2. Better watch what promises you make. I'm this close to saying yes to a Tennessee Williams play for next March. The news should be official in another day or two or three.

  3. There are times, I suppose, I need to be watched. *Wink*

  4. We have to listen because those other people never ask us how we are doing.   

  5. Speaking of which, how are you, dear? I hope you have a lovely weekend 'midst all the rain and such. Me, I like rainy weather and manageable storms. I like cloudy, blustery days. I like sunshine, too. What I don't like is having to make decisions, so I generally make do with the météorologiques du jour.

  6. Wow, I'm fine thank you!    Actually I'm working on Saturday, which I don't like but can't complain too much as only one researcher has visited the reading room so far.    I bought a used copy of a first edition Confederacy of Dunces, wrote my name on the spine, and am enjoying every word.   There's sunshine out the window and a flash flood watch.   I prefer to have a two-day weekend but things are good at the moment, no problems.    Have a lovely afternoon, no matter the weather,     & thanks for asking,     sp   


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