Monday, April 23, 2012

Lunacy in the Big Easy

It appears that we did indeed win our judgment against the City of New Orleans. Within days of my sending a written request to the Parking Violations Bureau for a refund of the money I'd paid in a disputed parking violation, I received the letter shown here.

It's a clarification of the judgment letter!

It's meant to clear up any misunderstanding one might have come away with from having read the original decision of the Administrative Hearing Officer. (Gotta love a system that sends a form letter in response to your response to a legal document.)

You'll remember in that original determination (see below), the City advised me that I had to formally request a refund of the money the City owed me.

Well, it appears that isn't all I have to do as a voting, taxpaying, and property-owning citizen of the City of New Orleans. (I love using the word citizen in a context such as this. It's so post-French Revolution. And we all know what that was about, don't we?) I not only have to request a refund of the money I paid to get our car out of the auto pound, I have to show proof that I actually paid it—my personal proof apparently being more reliable than the City's own accounting system.

Okay, I'll give 'em that.

I also find it interesting that the letter instructs me (since I paid, not by credit card but by debit card) to send "both the original cash register receipt and [my] duplicate credit card charge slip."

Although I have the cash-register receipt, with Method of Payment - Credit Card written on it, I do not have a "duplicate credit card charge slip." I don't recall receiving one of those, the cash-register receipt being, after all, for want of a better word, a receipt; but since I paid by debit card, I do have my bank statement showing the payment, so I hope that will do.

Of course, I will not be sending the City any original documents whatsoever. There is something in this whole matter that is not ... worthy of trust to this citizen concerning his local government.

If my next step should fail, there is always the I-Team I can turn to or that kid with the eyebrows on Channel 8—I forget his name at the moment, but you know who I mean

Until then, friends, it's liberté, egalité, fraternité, and money back!


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