Friday, April 13, 2012


Laziness is not a good thing.

Unless it's you being lazy.

Then there are clear reasons that excuse the legs up in front of the TV set, the nachos on the coffee table, the intermittent dozing throughout the day and into the night.

You've fought your battles. Won some, lost a few, but here you are, unbowed.

Just lazy.

For now.

You'll regain your energy soon enough, tackle some cause again and right another wrong.

Until then, you just let the cable news float through the ether round your head.

You find you feel deep sadness for everybody involved in the killing of young Trayvon Martin; but can't seem to muster much compassion for old whats-his-name, that politician who once ran for president and who had an illegitimate kid while his wife was dying of cancer.

You wonder what could have happened to that North Korean rocket that dropped off the radar into the sea, and what is whichever-Kim-he-is gonna do now to save face?

And a part of your waking brain ponders the great national outrage over Mrs. Mitt Romney and her work ethic.

Honk if you really, truly, cross-your-heart-and-hope-to-die believe that Ann Romney raised five boys like your own mama did, without a Roman Cohort's worth of household servants and without ever having to slap a bunch of Mickey D Happy Meals down on the kitchen table because there wasn't enough food in the house to feed five kids?

And people wonder why you just want to let the world go round without you for a while.


  1. I'm surely not honking. But I would like to put my feet up and munch on Nachos alongside you. 

  2. The poor and working class are now considered snobs for being out of touch with how hard the wealthy struggle.  We have fallen down the rabbit hole.

  3. And keep on tumbling. I keep waiting for somebody to finally yell out, "You're nothing but a pack of cards!"


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