Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt

A friend of ours invited Bobby and me to visit his home on Easter Sunday afternoon. This was a wonderful surprise, coming, as it did, at a time when I felt ready to step back out and rejoin the human race. There would be mutual friends of ours there, and, since my friend's apartment wasn't large, I felt there would not be too much of a crowd.

I'm so happy I went. It was everything I imagined and more.

The food! There was food. My friend is Italian; how could there not be food. And speaking of Italian, his family was there! Such lovely people. There was hugging and kissing and cheeks being pinched until we were all black and blue from top to bottom. And there were Easter bonnets to die for. One guest even brought a bonnet for our host's mother. She was delighted and never took it off the rest of the afternoon.

But we had come together for more than food and dressing up. We were expecting an Easter Parade! There had been two so far, and the one that remained was the long-anticipated Gay Easter Parade, which was guaranteed to have on display the prettiest frocks imaginable.

Before you you could say, "Hippity, hoppity," three times fast, the color guard was coming down the street, and the parade was on. There were people in carriages, wearing extravagant bonnets, a proper Protestant church choir lip-syncing to Dolly-Parton holiday hits. The crowd on the street was ecstatic. Everyone was so happy and colorful that even the parade marchers were taking pictures of the spectators. And people all along the route were making the strangest new friends.

Soon after the parade had ended, though, it was time to head back home; no reason to spoil a perfect afternoon with too much indulgence. Besides Bobby's back was beginning to hurt him from the load he was lugging. It was time to pack away those beads for another day.

It shouldn't surprise you to know I slept like a baby that Easter night.

("Easter Eggs" courtesy of Bob and our friend and host Patrick.)


  1. What a great Easter celebration! Good for you for venturing out and seizing the day.

  2. Oh, I not only seized the day, I hugged it, humped it, and kissed it on the lips!

  3. wonderful! i remember you telling me that New Orleans is a theater town. Indeed it is! Love the post and the pictures, especially the one of you in my head with your head thrown back, laughing deeply. 

  4. Glenn,

    I was SO thrilled you and Bobby came. It was a WONDERFUL day with all the SPECIAL people in my life.

    Much love, P

  5. Hi Glenn,  My husband and I were happy to see you again and to meet your friend Bobby.  This was "our" first "It's Not Your Momma's Easter" as Patrick put it, but what a wonderful "surprise" event it was.  Blessings in so many ways to be with Patrick, his friends and family.  Everyone was so very gracious to us that I cannot tell you how special that made us feel.  We can hardly wait 'til next year.  So glad you came and hope to see you before next Easter.  Mr.&Mrs. G.

  6. Thank you! Oh, and that picture of me in your head? You forgot to mention how slim and muscular I am with my long wavy locks and twinkling brown eyes!

  7. Thank you, my friend. It was the perfect gift at the perfect time. I could not have had a better time. Next time, though I WILL take you up on your offer and take home most of what was left of your mother's cake.

  8. Mrs. G, the graciousness came from you and Mr G and the rest of your family. The dynamic at Patrick's home was the closest I have come to re-experiencing the kind of love and joy within my own (Cajun/Sicilian) family while all of us were still around and kicking. If this is the first of what will be an annual event, I look forward to the future. I will be there if I have to crash the party, and I won't stop eating the cake until it's all gone. And you know I can do it!

  9. Glenn,

    Thanks for the lovely compliment re:  Mr. G & I.  I hope this will be an annual event as well.  Cudos to Patrick for bringing us all together.  Next time maybe meatballs & spaghetti!!!  What do you think?  I do make a "killer" red gravy eventhough I am 3/4 "Irish".  You heard right!!!  Maiden name O'Donnell.  Just thought I would sneak that tidbit of info. into the blog.  Hope to see you sometime in the near future.  Stay well,

    Mrs. G

  10. Hmmm, do I see some St Paddy's Days in our future ... ?

    PS, I love that you say "gravy" when talking about meatballs and spaghetti. My mom, who was the Sicilian in our family, made what she called a "suka" gravy (I'm not sure of that spelling) to go with her pasta and meatballs.


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