Friday, March 30, 2012

I'll Tumble 4 Ya

Since that 4th of July back in 2009 when I tripped on the sidewalk and smashed my face into the concrete, I've noticed a trend. I seem to be taking to taking a tumble every now and then.

A few months ago, I fell off the sidewalk in front of a Whitney Bank branch office on Veterans Highway, and last night I took a dive into the flower garden of a lovely home up on Saint Charles Avenue.

I do fall in nice places. I will say that.

I wish someone had prepared me for this aspect of the maturation process. I was reasonably prepared for the occasional random aches and pains that pass as the day wears on, the gradual hearing loss that brings sweet peace and quiet, the empty memory chambers in my desiccating brain that once held facts and figures and even names I no longer need to know and can finally be forgiven for forgetting.

But nobody ever told me that in my second childhood, I would have to learn to walk again.

I've been spending the day going over this and trying to figure out why this has begun to happen to me, and I think I've figured it out.

Each time I fell, I was doing something in addition to walking. The first time, I was taking a photograph and stepped into a hole in the sidewalk. At the bank, I was reading my ATM receipt as I stepped off a curb. And last night, I was skimming through emails on my android phone and didn't see the step up onto the path that led to the front door of that house on Saint Charles Avenue.

Can it be this simple that I can no longer walk and do anything else at the same time?

Now, if only I can remember that.


  1. As a veteran tumbler since well, always, I will say it is important to place one's feet. If that fails, allow the fall to happen. Resisting it tends to lead to specific injuries, more than generalized aches and bruised dignity. I do hope you aren't too sore today. And yes, quit the multitasking! But seriously, how are you?

    1. I'm a little wobbly, that's all, feeling those "generalized aches" and that "bruised dignity." ;-)

  2. Sorry you fell down, please be careful.   I have had a couple of falls which I blamed on the shoes, but most recently, last October in Wilmington as a tourist, it was just not paying attention somehow, when the sidewalk changed into a curb.    The brick sidewalks in N.O. are very uneven, especially when a tree has been trying its best to grow nearby.    take care,   sp

  3. I'm remembering to be vigilant. And watching  where I'm going. So far ;-)

  4. Can you talk and drive at the same time? That seems to be my challenge lately. Meh.

  5. As long as everyone else on the road is driving defensively, I seem to do okay, talking while driving. So far. But I have a feeling those days are numbered.

  6. i left you a comment, painstakingly typed on my kindle fire, and the next day, it wasn't here. mostly i wanted to make sure you were okay, and to let you know we have reached the stage where walking is plenty occupation at a time.  but then, i have been a champion faller from my youth. the key is to let the fall happen, to roll with it. so far, nothing has broken. but no, don't make a habit of falling, dear friend. we need you whole. 

  7. Thank you for checking in on me ;-) I don't know what happpened to that earlier comment because I actually did receive your it via email. I wrote you then, "I'm a little wobbly, that's all, feeling those 'generalized aches' and that 'bruised dignity.' "

    Oddly enough, however, about an hour ago, I was walking into the apartment from a wet courtyard when my feet slipped out from under me, and I went flying across the living room floor. More "generalized aches" and "shredded dignity."

    I have to say, this is getting old.


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