Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Glass Half Full

Photo by sussah, angels and people, life in new orleans
There is a lady blogger here in New Orleans (she uses the name sussah) who takes pictures, much like I do, obsessively—well, let's say, often. I believe we both have the post-Katrina fever of trying to capture images of a place we love so deeply before it vanishes like Atlantis beneath the foam.

We discovered each other some time back when she broke the ice to let me know she liked my pictures. I gradually got to know her, too, through her posts, and have been impressed by her visual spontaneity and the breadth of what she finds beautiful and worthy. I cannot imagine her looking through a viewfinder at any scene and saying, "No, this isn't a picture I want to save."

If life is a glass, she certainly sees hers as half full.

I, of course, if you know anything about me, see my glass as half empty.

Except when I spend some time looking at sussah's pictures.

It's like she shakes me by the shoulders while yelling at me to straighten up, all the time giggling because she knows I have a marshmallow middle.

No, that's not it, it's like she mixes her glass with mine, and, for a short (very happy) while, we both have one great big full glass of something wonderful like Barq's Creme Soda.

Well, at least, I do.


  1. a Barq's cream soda with vanilla ice cream in it.    you have helped me immeasurably and this is a beautiful surprise to see this post you have written.     The invisible author of the window message represents the sweetest in the younger generation.    Thanks Glenn!     sp   

  2. Ah, how could I have given no thought to the vanilla ice cream? Once again you come to the rescue.

  3. Glenn: your talent as a writer is superb!!!! I love to read all you write, but this text in particular touched the very bottom of my heart! You and Sussah are such wonderful people. I love you both very much!

  4. Obrigado very much! You affect me the same way ;-) Never forget, we love you, too, sussah and I.

  5. Yes, we both love you too.   I'm glad you are still checking in on the blogs to find out!  thanks,    sp


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