Saturday, March 10, 2012

Damping the Flames of Revolution

Once upon a time, I was a firebrand. I considered it my right and privilege, never mind duty, to right the wrongs I saw around me in the world. But I was older then when I was young.

Now, I'm old for real, wizened, and, I hope, wise. Wiser? Well, wise enough to recognize folly and foolishness. Wise enough to know that there is more that I will never know than that I ever will.

Wise enough to know we, all of us, are fools.

There is so much wrong in the world today; so much wrong in my country, in my state, my city, and around the corner from where I stay on Decatur Street.

And I do my best to lay low and out of the way and to keep my mouth shut.


Because I do not, cannot, make a difference. Can you? You'd be a fool to think you could.

A wise man—well, at least, a very smart one—once said to me, "The only thing that you can change is your own attitude."

I believe the passing years and my experiences have proved him right.

So I watch the passing scene in silence, while others skirmish and grow fat on a diet rich in righteous self-regard.

I tend my own nest now.


  1. But you do make a difference, just by your presence at the proceedings. Good souls always do.

  2. Angella Lister wrote on March 10th at 9:45 PM:  "But you do make a difference, just by your presence at the proceedings. Good souls always do."

    I'm afraid I don't approach things directly, but sideways and from around corners. In my own mind, I was responding to those extroverted bloggers (especially those here in NOLA) who consider themselves commentators and difference-makers on the political/social/anthropological scene by posting links, spidering news stories, and regurgitating other people's opinions in place of thinking for themselves about the only thing/s they can begin to learn about and shape, themselves. If Jesus and the Buddha could not remake the world, we have to ask what is it that they did? I think they remade themselves. That is the most radical thing any one of us can ever do. That change is where redemption lies, where hope is born, and where justice can begin to right the many wrongs.

    They also serve who only stand and waite.

  3. glenn, that is so profound, that the most radical thing we can ever do is remake ourselves. thank you!

  4. Thank you. Sometimes I wonder if these fragments have any meaning beyond my own fevered imagination. It seems they do. I so appreciate your kind words and support. Now go enjoy those kids!


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