Sunday, January 22, 2012


I received three kind gestures this week.

Someone I did not know sent me a script to read. When I hesitantly wrote him back and asked who he might be, he told me he was someone who had visited New Orleans in the past and had actually seen some theatre piece I had done and liked it. Liked it well enough to entrust one of his works to me for my consideration.

A few days later, someone I did know wrote me to ask if I might be interested in working on a production he was scheduling for this summer.

Then, to prove that these things come in threes, a third person contacted me to ask if I would read a few scripts for an upcoming one-man show he was thinking of doing and help him decide which would be the best script for him to produce. He sent one over and then wondered if another project might be better-suited to his talent and physicality. We batted the two possibilities back and forth between us.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered on the local Social Medias that I had agreed to direct him in the soon-to-be-announced production - an acknowledgment I don't recall making ... yet.

I should be tickled by such alacrity.

What really tickles me is that I understand his backer plans to pay me a scrumptious sum of money to work with him, and being paid to mount a show sure beats going into debt to do one.

It just goes to show, you can never guess the places from whence healing kindnesses may spring. I'm very grateful to these folks.


  1. Fantastic! They know excellence when they see it, apparently. xo

  2. Kindness is paid to those who are in turn kind. Even though you paint a picture of a curmudgeon (you), we all know better. "wink". Great news!

  3. i was traveling when i read this and oh my, i cheered! i tried to leave a comment but the wifi kept dropping in and out where i was, so here i am now, to let you know, this is not kindness or consideration but recognition of a true gift! i am so happy for you and maybe i will get to see your next play, too! who knows? it could happen.

    hugs, my friend.

  4. You are way too kind. Thank you. It would be wonderful to see you pop back up in the 'hood.


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