Friday, November 25, 2011

No, Thanks-giving

Now that the day for giving thanks for all our blessings has passed, let's get back to reality, shall we? These are a few of the things to which I, for one, wish to say, "No, thanks."
  • With the Postal Service seemingly going under because nobody writes letters anymore, and the junk mail solicitors no longer able to support this once-proud federal (?) agency, why is most - nearly all - of my voluminous email junk?
  • Why do people who insist on "Friending" you on Facebook resolutely refuse to type a simple "Thank you" when you wish them a happy birthday, considering that the only reason you even know it's their birthday is because Facebook told you so?
  • Why did I wake up from a horrible nightmare this morning all about false friends and advantages taken? Really, now, isn't it time somebody took a deep breath, got a grip, and moved on?
  • Why, when all I want to do is feel sorry for myself and worry about that medical procedure I have to face today, do I have to make time to drive a certain somebody around town to look for a rug for the living room?
  • Why have I been cursed with the kind of body that requires a daily shower?
  • And why did I shave off most of my beard so I could have a fancy little goatee that doesn't really make my face look thinner? Now there's more skin I have to shave than I had to shave before, and I'm scarring here!
There's more where these came from, but I don't have enough time to dredge them up at the moment. Right now, I need to shower and shave and stop the bleeding in order to make myself presentable for a visit to my doctor's office so she (the said doctor) can dig into, and rip out a portion of, my flesh.

Lemme hear ya say it with me now, "No, thank you!"


The specialist examined me and decided that my infection is responding to the medication she prescribed. For this reason, she decided the time was premature for a biopsy. She will see me again when I have finished the regimen and decide then whether I am clean and fit to remain in polite society or in need of getting gutted. (She was personable today. She actually touched my right arm with both her hands and smiled as if it were a perfectly natural thing to do. Made me feel like a man.)


  1. Sounds like you're having a Black Friday, Glenn. But cheer up, at least you're not at a shopping mall with the rest of America. Take care, A.

  2. Thanks for the advice, Arthur. I'm just poking fun at my foibles and fears. And, now that you mention it, "No, thank you;" I did not have to spend the day in a shopping mall!

  3. Black Friday has been replaced by grey, rainy day here in Austin, already made brighter by your update.  Keep on healing, cuz, and avoid the madness out there.

  4. LOL, thank you, Billy. No worries about the madness, I stay well away. And speaking of your greyness, it's creeping up on us here today ;-)

    Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  5. Good news! It must have been the Irving Berlin soundtracks!

  6. It was a little tough at the beginning, when I first faced the ramifications of what it all might mean. I felt as if I were "All By Myself." I thought about Bobby and how he'd have to "Change Partners." Gradually, after a little time had passed, I started to notice the "Blue Skies" and to think about all those millions of other people who have faced worse things than I was facing, and I figured, "Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better." I started to "Remember" all the good things. )And a few late night "Moonshine Lullabies" didn't hurt much either.) "They Say It's Wonderful" when you face your fears, and that's what I did. I had been "Putting All My Eggs in One Basket," "Reaching for the Moon," and thinking, "What'll I Do?" Now I decided to "Play a Simple Melody" and  "Face the Music and Dance!" "You'd Be Surprised" what such a simple little thing like that can do.

    "You're Laughing at Me," aren't you?

  7. WOW! I am impressed how many songs you fit into your little soliloquy. And, yes. I am laughing at you, lovingly :)

  8. I'm just "Doin' What Comes Natur'lly." Try it. "Let Yourself Go," "Everybody's Doin' It Now."

  9. If no one has told you lately, let me. "You are extremely talented man".

  10. LOL, no, nobody has told me lately. Thanks, I needed that ;-)

  11. i am thankful that you are responding to medication, and that you are developing a good relationship with a doctor who is reputed to be thorough and who seems to know her stuff. you are just setting examples for me all over the place, Glenn. Now if only I would follow them. As for the beard, I haven't seen the goatee in person, but I have to say I loved the full-bearded you, so if it's easier to go back to that, well, just sayin'.

  12. I'm not sure I'm setting a particularly good example. The truth is, it was my dentist who first directed me to another doctor. His selecting a particular physician who may or may not have been covered under my insurance upset me. I didn't intend to take any further action. In fact, I was going to drop the dentist. After giving it some thought, I decided to see my primary care doctor, who is someone I trust and like on a personal level. He is not an alarmist, he is someone to whom I can explain that I WILL have a say in the course of my treatment, and he is the kind of person who doesn't believe in worrying until and unless there is something to worry about. I guess, basically, he sees the glass as half-full - which is something I NEVER do ;-)

    What am I trying to say?

    Take the reins for yourself. If you have the kind of PCP that I have, turn to him or her and lay out YOUR requirements. Participate willfully in your treatment. And don't hide anything from your family (I tried to do that - it didn't work - they always sense something and think the worst). Family (both primary - blood - and secondary - your friends) will see you through ANYTHING!

    As for the goatee, I was only joshing. The full beard made me look cuddly. The goatee makes me look HAWT!


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