Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sloppy Weather

Waking up hours before dawn and visiting the Internet for a while, you become vaguely conscious of strange noises outside: the occasional pop, the creak of hanging plant baskets being swung from side to side, the groaning of the balcony floorboards, and the soft crooning of the wind as it crescendos through its melody.

Tropical Storm Lee is padding ashore and into New Orleans like an over-sized, incontinent puppy.

He left his mark early in the living room downstairs.

When I'd finally decided to make my way down there, I quickly glimpsed the sheen of a pond puddling near the front door. Our right-hand shutter had been flung open during the night, and the rain, propelled by the wind, had seeped under the door and settled inside.

I grabbed our feeble sponge mop from out back and pushed as much of the water as I could back outside. I ran upstairs for a towel to lay against the threshold. Within half-an-hour, more were needed. There are now four of them carpeting the entryway.

It has only just begun, and I stand guard.

Update, 2:55 PM:

I remained vigilant throughout the morning and kept watch for the return of the slashing sheets of rain, but Lee held back.

I tempted his ire by sneaking the four towels out to the laundry room and running them through the clothes dryer. Twice. When they were done, I lay one across the door sill and waited for the next wave, and then ...

Dear reader, I fell asleep.

I've only just now re-awakened. The towel is still dry, the sun still shining.

Tonight's gonna be a bitch.


  1. Hi Glenn,   Where is the photo from?  to me it looks like up by the lake.    Except for not being free to drive everywhere, I'm having a good day!   The sun was out for a while, and it got pretty warm.      I hope you still have power?   If so, you can wash those towels at the front door.    Mostly, it would be bad to lose the contents of the refrigerator, although it could stand being cleared out once in a while.    take care,    sp

  2. It was from either Channel 8 or 26. I found it by Googling TS Lee. After that minor incident involving a film of water in the apartment, it's been sunny, breezy (!), and occasionally misty for the rest of the day. I ran the towels through the laundry-room dryer and haven't had to dampen another one since. We've had no power loss (that's one of the pluses to living in the French Quarter) and I'm not expecting any - especially not on a Saturday Night/Sunday Morning holiday weekend with so much loose (and I do mean "loose") money in town. Heigh-ho, the glamorous life!


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