Saturday, September 17, 2011

On Dealing with Life's Losses

They're wonderful when you first meet them, enchanting - seductive even. They fill the hollow spaces in you, so you take them in. You nurture them, encourage them, enable them to prosper.

It's obvious they're your BFFs until that dark day when you come to see that what they're really doing is they're weighing you down, holding you back, slowing your journey, smothering you. You realize with a wrench in your gut that you must let them go. You'll have to cut them out of your life with the pragmatic efficiency of a slaughterhouse butcher, chopping, slicing, and tossing the superfluous away until what remains is the essence of the entree.

There are tears to be shed, so you shed them. There is mourning to be done, so you mourn; but you have mourned before and will again. You take the steps you've taken in times past, avoiding those places where you're likely to run into them, refusing to discuss your grieving process with those people who only wish to gloat and gorge on gossip. You do your best to maintain a sense of decorum and struggle to abstain from laying blame. What good is that?

You go your lonely way, lessening your load, discarding this, abjuring that, until the day a new you can emerge into the light.

Fourteen pounds and counting, y'all!


  1. my hero!

    now i have to make you my inspiration! stay tuned. and congrats on every hard earned pound. i know this journey. hugs. 

  2. LOL, now that is not what I expected to hear from you. I expected you to say, "But you look fine just the way your are." And I would have replied, "I know, I know, but if I'm going to break into the movie business, I need to get down to around 60 pounds." Then you would have said, "My God!" And I would have responded with, "Well, 67 then." We'd barter back and forth like that until we'd reach a mutual agreement that I'd be fine at around 180 or 190 pounds. (Am I putting words into your mouth?)

    Until then, Excelsior!

  3. you do look fine just the way you are, but i sure didn't want to dampen your motivation or be to casual about the loss of 14 pounds because i KNOW how freakin hard it is to lose 14 pounds. so what you hear from this lapsed WW member is applause and a wistful wish that i could be in your shoes, or rather on your scale. 

    but the movie business will take you as you are because you're fabulous and incredibly handsome and gifted, and you just have it like that!

    now if i can just follow in your footsteps i might be able to kick up my heels with you. go, Glenn! 

  4. WOW and good for you!  My number is only 5 :(
    I will keep the faith and go forward with each metered step, with your shining smile as my inspiration.

  5. I'm a hero with feet of clay! I slung another one back on after crowing all about the losses. Now, if I could only remember where I left that box of laxatives ...

  6. Happy for you! And jealous. Send some of that weight-loss mojo my way, would ya?

  7. I'm sending. I'm sending real hard. I'm straining.

    (You do realize this is about more than just "weight loss," don't you?)


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