Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Payin' a Debt

So, the guy who wrote Hugging the Shoulder has this kiddie show running in the New York Fringe Festival, and I kinda promised I would give it some publicity (like hordes of New Yorkers read this blog).

It looks kinda cool, though. All about saving the environment and all, ya know. It has music and puppets.

Me, I'm partial to puppets.

Something to do with having worked with actors, I guess.

Puppets will do anything you want them to do without complaining or asking for motivation or running off for really long pee breaks or declining to take their tops off.

Yeah, I like puppets.

Puppets are cool.

Puppets can also be hot.

If you know what I mean ...

Go ahead and check out Jerrod's show. I'm pretty sure it's cheaper than Spider Man or The Book of Mormon - and just as entertaining.

Well, as entertaining as The Book of Mormon.

Which is a really good show.

With music by the same guy who wrote the music for Avenue Q.

Which was a musical with puppets.

Hot puppets.


Hot puppets...


  1. If anything could ever turn me on to musicals, it would be one that had hot puppets saving the environment by taking their tops off and peeing. Sounds awesome!  ;-)

  2. There it is! I have finally done the one good thing in my life for which I will be remembered and rewarded.

  3. That kid show seems to be about a lot of fun once you watch it. Too bad I haven't watch any of its episodes.


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