Thursday, August 4, 2011

Falling from Grace

Two brothers, the older aged before his time, the other about to topple from his nest. We all experience the expulsion from Eden as we grow from innocence to experience, but that common bond does little to lessen the grief.

Until, that is - if we are blessed - the years can pull us far enough away so that our memories mist over, and the past becomes a welcoming place; the gaping wounds  - just strawberries, really - that once held terror for us, we find have healed, have closed, becoming medals that commemorate our survival. Then, so far away in time we are, we close our eyes and can recall the summers shooting BB guns and stumbling upon that old rusted biplane, fallen in a secret place beyond the highway on the edge of town.

Everyone we've ever known or will, will leave us; and memory can be as cruel as she is nurturing.

Two brothers, each alone - saying goodbye and whispering in their hearts, "I have loved you, and I will remember you."


  1. Glenn, that's very moving. It took me 80 pages and several years to say what you did in a few paragraphs.

  2. ...not meant to be disparaging in any way. It's a beautiful piece of writing, my friend, and I can tell that you really got it down deep.

  3. For some reason or other, I love your play, Jerrod - beyond reason or cause, just because ...


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