Thursday, December 2, 2010


They are as elusive as a leprechaun's pot of gold, but they do exist, and yesterday I discovered a place in which they lay in delirious profusion.

And what were these treasures I stumbled upon?

Hubig's peerless Sweet Potato Pies.

"Hu Dat?" indeed.

Where I found them was outside the city in one of the surrounding parishes within an edifice that will remain an "undisclosed location" known only to me. Why should I share my secret knowledge and risk a veritable gold rush?

Besides, this whole notion of sharing is foreign to my makeup, a socializing tactic designed to promote conformism in the masses. It is beneath my station. It is greatly overrated.

But back to those pies. Once I'd pacified the agitation in my breast resulting from my discovery, I dragged home five. I devoured them all.

Bite me.

Perhaps, however, I might be persuaded to bring some home to you on my next forage. I would, of course, require a slight consideration for my efforts.

You know how to reach me.
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