Monday, November 1, 2010

Blog Filler

Now that Back to the Future is back in the future with all kinds of new news, new releases, and new money-making schemes that would bring tears of anticipation to the eyes of Alex Keaton, I got to wondering after a week or so of such saturation if any other movies had come out in 1985. Was I in for a shock.

Along with that touchstone of cinematic history, there also appeared for a week or so at your local multiplex (or whatever your movie house was called back in 1985):
  • Brazil (Okay, so I never got into it, but everybody else I know did)
  • The Breakfast Club (Oh, remember what's-her-name? and that other what's-her-name? and that guy, that guy, and the other one? Sigh)
  • Cocoon (nobody else's favorite, but I got a kick out of it)
  • The Color Purple (Why isn't Oprah hawking a new Blu-Ray edition of this?)
  • The Goonies (Remember how icky you felt thinking Josh Brolin was so hot?)
  • Kiss of the Spider Woman (Remember how icky you felt just looking at William Hurt?)
  • Pee-Wee's Big Adventure (Icky, icky, icky)
  • Prizzi's Honor (Be honest. When it was over, didn't you go home and "do it"? Right there? On the Oriental? With all the lights on?)
  • Ran (King Lear with action! Samurai Shakespeare! Dude!)
  • The Trip to Bountiful (Horton Foote's gift to Geraldine Paige before she upped and died and left poor Rip Torn on his own)
Not too bad a year at all. Let's hope Eric Stoltz can now put it all into perspective and get on with his life. Oh, he did?

Never mind.
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