Saturday, March 27, 2010


All kinds of things can happen to you when you publish a blog. Sometimes you can make people very angry, so angry they will devote their lives to tracking you down so they can find you some dark night and inflict lasting damage to your face. But I have noticed that if I follow my mother's advice and play nice, I have little to worry about.

What I get instead are visits from some very good and kind and fascinating people who find themselves on my street and stop to chat with me while I'm sitting on my stoop. The very best of them come back often and trade quips and recipes over beer and gumbo while we party on the banquette (that's New Orleans for sidewalk). Why, I've made lasting friends from as far away as Canada-in-Japan and Greece. There's a wonderful senhora from Rio who lights up my front porch whenever she drops by. Let me not forget the lovely young free spirit from Portland (the city on the left of the U. S., not the one on the right) who's a warm and cuddly tree- and bear-hugger. Why, I even manage to attract others closer to home like the formally elegant librarian from the uptown university district.

These are people I have never met face to face (and perhaps never will), but we meet often, soul to soul, here in the ether. And that is a good thing.

Just yesterday, my senhora pointed me to a blog post written by a young man from Rio di Janeiro in which he compares his current life in Houston to the experience of visiting New Orleans on the eve of this year's Super Bowl. It's a lovely piece. It ends on a foggy night at the edge of the Mississippi River where a musician is playing a lonely saxophone. The young man says, "Mas a felicidade há de chegar e eu tô bem na mira dela." According to Google, that means "But the happiness is here and I'm all right in the sight of it."

Yes, and so am I.

Oh, I see we need more rice!


  1. I'll have another beer while you're in the kitchen, if you don't mind!

  2. You give me something to think about or just enjoy every day. What else can we ask from a friend?
    I am amazed with Google's translation machine - it was so faithful to Thiago's words! Poetry not lost in translation - almost a miracle!
    But real miracle is to be here, to have been born, against all odds. And to have found some wonderful people out of so many people in the internet. By chance, by miracle!
    Love you!

  3. Thanks, Glenn, you're very sweet, and a wonderful writer and photographer. We have a large net for kindred spirits. sp

  4. Tree and bear hugger! I love that.

    This paints such a nice picture. xo, Glenny.


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