Thursday, January 21, 2010

Overture! Curtains! Lights!

Tuesday night, the cast and crew of The Last Reading of Charlotte Cushman moved into the little barn that is the new Marigny Theatre. By the end of the night, the curtains had been hung and the lights set and focused. Last night, Karen ran a dress rehearsal for a tiny audience of invited friends. She'd been nervous about performing in a play that required she directly address an audience, but she did fine. She (as Cushman says about herself early in the script) "expanded" and met the demands she and the playwright, Carolyn Gage, had set. She charmed the people there, which, in its magical sense, is one of the handful of things an actor must be able to do in order to be considered an actor.

She opens tonight and runs through Saturday. We had to cancel Sunday's performance since it would have run opposite the Saints' NFC Championship game, and you can't do that. Geaux Saints!

In an email I received yesterday, I learned a new phrase in another tongue. A friend of mine from Brazil wrote and wished us luck in the tradition of her own country's theatre.

So I say to Karen, "Muita merda para você!"

Muita, muita, and even more muita merda, Karen!


  1. Having a director who says "I am spreading" is just perfect for an actress who has to "expand" in order to captivate her audience.

    It feels good to have my country mentioned in one of your posts, Glenn, even if it comes in conjunction with THAT word.

    I am curious to know all about the opening, the reaction, etc.

  2. I hadn't thought of the connection between my blog description and the character's "expansion". But, hey, if it works. I'll be sure to let you know how things go.

  3. Wow...what an interesting site & what a fascinating & sexy man! Thank you for stoppping by my place & leaving a comment. Of course you just teased me & my readers with your Chita story:
    We want more. I have a nice little Chicago connection, but not with Ms. Rivera.

    A warm hand on your opening!
    I am looking forward to poking around your blog & getting to know you.


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