Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy Birthday, Bigezbear!

Five years ago today, I sat down at my desktop PC and wrote, "Chapter One: I Am Born ... So let's see if I can keep this one up." Those first few little words sort of set the tone.

I never knew what I wanted this bloggy thing to be, but by the time I started it, I was old enough to know that most critters will inevitably grow up to be what they were meant to be all along. So I trusted Bigezbear to be, at least, entertaining and, I hoped, articulate.

What can I say? You feed 'em, try to dress 'em nice; then you send 'em out into the world and pray they don't embarrass you.


  1. Happy Birthday, Bigezbear!

    I have at least two words to add to your modest list (the one that says "entertaining and articulate"): touching and moving (are they synonyms? I don't care, I like to emphasize my impressions!)

    Good writers like you simply cannot avoid touching people's heart, even when they are entertaining their readers with articulate texts!

    Your texts are pure emotion!


  2. Thank you so much, Claudia. It's readers like you that keep me going and make it all worthwhile.

  3. I love the way you write, think, create, see, and be. Your birthday is a gift to the women and men who read and care for you.

    My life is better because you are in it.

    Adoring you, birthday boy.

  4. My goodness, Jaye, thank you. Now if I could just think of something to write about ...

  5. I am glad I found you and your blog.

    The honesty has been the most profound!

    hugs to Ya'll

  6. Aw, Tommy ... thank you. I look on you as one of those presents God gave me for having done something good once somewhere, sometime in my long-forgotten past.

  7. Happy Late Birthday! Mine is on the 3rd, so I can relate:

  8. If I did not love your stuff I would never have invited you to join the HumidCity team. Here's to the next five years!

  9. Hey, thank you, Loki. When you comin' home?

  10. Happy 5th birthday! I'm so happy to see you're still kickin around here.

  11. A little lower. A little slower. But still kickin'.


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