Friday, January 15, 2010

Congratulations Are in Order

I've been so busy, what with this and that, I didn't notice Ambush Magazine had recently announced the nominations for its seventh annual Ambie Awards.

One of my favorite productions of 2009 is numbered among those nominees. The Glass Menagerie was named as one of the "Best Productions of a Drama". Lyla Hay Owen was cited as "Best Actress in a Play" for her portrayal of Amanda Wingfield, and Liz Mills received a nomination for "Best Supporting Actress in a Play" for her role as Laura.

On the other hand, I'm sad the selection committee overlooked the incomparable performances of Keith Launey and Leon Contavesprie as Tom and the Gentleman Caller, respectively. Those boys should never have come out of the closet as heterosexuals. They'll be lucky to find theatre work in this town again.

But, in the spirit of celebration, I congratulate the producers of The Glass Menagerie, and the two ladies who helped make it a heartrending experience.

Wish I'd had something to do with that show.


  1. Darling,Glenn, The production's success (The Glass Menagerie) is ALL thanks to your wonderful direction,the music you chose, your beautiful sensibilities, YOUR.....YOU YOU, etc. etc. and our sweet Donnie Jay's assistance.
    I am honored to have been in your production and to have worked with the fine cast that you chose.

    I love you, Lyla

  2. I wish I could have seen this production of Glass Managerie.

    A couple of years ago I had an argument with some colleagues about this play. You see, I am a huge fan of Amanda Wingfield and my very young colleages simply couldn't accept this. I think you need to have reached a certain age to understand and love this character. And I really love Amanda! (Guess it helps if you have been a mother yourself).

    I enjoy reading you! The part where you say those actors might be unable to find roles to play in NO after having come out of the closet as heterosexuals is witty and insightful.


  3. Claudia, I wish you could meet "Anonymous" up there above your comment. That's Lyla Hay Owen, who was so magnetic as Amanda. I'm sure she would agree with you about that character. Amanda is one of the greatest roles ever written for the theatre. You must love Amanda. How can you not?

  4. Glenn, I can assure you that some very young adults feel very annoyed by Amanda's behavior and demands. But one day they will be older and perhaps able to love her desperate measures as a mother.

    I wrote about her. If you want I can show it to you one day.

  5. I would love to read your thoughts about her. We could have a dialogue.

  6. Oh, Glenn, I was hoping you would say something like "Monday, 3 pm, at the Central Grocery Co. We can order some Muffulettas if the dialog leaves us hungry."

    LOL! Anyway, I wouldn't dare to publish my text here in Bigezbear's comment box...

  7. Dear Claudia, at my age, my stomach can't handle muffalettas any more. But you can always email me. My email address is buried in the section below, "About This Blog". Just pass your mouse cursor over the last sentence.


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