Sunday, January 24, 2010


And just that quickly, it has ended, Break the Mold's production of Carolyn Gage's play, The Last Reading of Charlotte Cushman. The show drew intelligent, quick-witted audiences who genuinely enjoyed the history, the humor, and the pathos of the life lived by the legendary actress.

Karen Shields was brilliant as Cushman, alternately domineering, self-deprecating, proud, "charming, seductive, gracious, vivacious, flirtatious". She astounded everyone and was rewarded with standing ovations and audience members who stayed behind, eager to meet and speak with her after each of her performances.

It's a lovely feeling to be reminded how rewarding the act of making theatre can be when it is done as a collaboration among people with a common goal: something as simple as entertaining an audience, uplifting them, and shining a light on the common, shared occurrences of life we ordinarily take for granted.

I feel privileged and grateful to have had a part in this undertaking.


  1. Glenn, thank you for sharing those good news with us. I was really anxious to know how the play went. I am so glad the result made everybody happy - audience, actress, stage people and above all, YOU!

  2. Oh, yes. It went over quite successfully. Today, I rest ;-)


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