Sunday, December 13, 2009

Ya Want Bitchy ... ? I'll Give Ya Bitchy, Bitch

I've started posting photographs to a daily photoblog website, been doing it for a month or so on a daily basis. Today I posted a pretty cool picture of a dude walking away from my direction, the whole scene blurred by the motion of his walking in one direction and my walking in another, shot it in color, toned it down, layered it with some exciting textures.

Bitch writes in and says it would be more "spectacular" if I "made a sepia [image] of it".

I think to myself, if I'd wanted sepia, I'd have made it sepia.

Thing is, I hate sepia.

And, anyway, sepia has never been spectacular.

Sepia is Italian for beige.


  1. People need to just shut the fuck up sometimes. Very rude.

  2. Ha! You sooo funny. I think that would make a great photobook title: " Sepia is Italian for beige, Bitch!" :)


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