Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Quote to Hold Onto

The other day, I ran across this quote from a review of Frederick Wiseman's film, La Danse. I find it has much to say to me about what I try to do in my theatre and picture work, such as they are:
George Balanchine ... liked to say to his dancers of audiences, “they look but they do not see, so we must show them.”
Eh. I put it out there ...


  1. Thanks. One quick question: did you have trouble posting this comment. I'm hearing from others that it is not working properly.

  2. Hey, I do not want to tire you with my "verborragy", but one of these days I read something about how resistant our retinas might get after a lifetime of book reading, particularly if you chose to read the good ones.

    As we grow older and more mature, it becomes increasingly hard to be stung by books. Everything seem deja vú, we want more, but fear there is nothing else new. That's why the author of the article I was reading suggested writers should have, as their most important desk tool, a knife sharpening...

    The question of to see or not to see gets different according to our age.

    Before you start thinking I am a sort of Methuselah, I tell you I was born in 1965.

  3. It worked?! Yay, cool. I was also having problems with the page dividing, but that seems to have fixed itself.

  4. Glenn,
    [Glenn, this is the comment I tried to post a couple of days ago. Was out of town, but now I'm back...]

    I think Ballanchine was probably right, at least as far as many in an imagined "audience" are concerned. Claudia's comment was interesting as well.
    Me, I tend to force myself to "look," even though I'm not always able to "see."
    And by the way, Claudia, if you're Methuselah, then I must be Adam. Gee, Glenn, I guess that makes you God! ;-)

  5. If I'm God, watch out you don't get smited.


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