Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Turning a Corner

I found myself in a rare state last night.

I got a call inviting me out for "some beers" and decided to go, having spent a royally boring day at home and after having gotten permission from Bobby to go out. So 7:30 turns the corner, and I'm sitting - where else? - at the Lantern, chugging the first in a long line of cocktails.

Within an hour, I started to realize that there was something different about me. I wasn't stressed about all the petty shit that's been invading my life these past few weeks. My perspective was clear, and all those bothersome things were finally unimportant and negligible. So what if I might be held in a low opinion by people I hold a low opinion of. I was carefree.

That ain't like me, but it was nice.

Oh, and Bubba? Sorry I bailed on you while you were in the john. Consider this my postdated good night.

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