Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Pros Outweigh the Cons

There are many sad things about growing old. You hear about them often enough. But there are some perks to the process as well.

You're allowed to tell a young person to her face how attractive she is and all the things you would like to do with her - if only ... oh, if you were young again. Likewise, you can chase people away from your front gate or tell them to get out of your way as you walk down the street. You can hit passing cars with your cane when they don't let you cross. You can get away with public farts.

I think, though, that one of the sweetest perks is learning to tell what matters and what things you should care about.

So many things we strive for throughout our lives turn out be comfortless a day or two after achieving them. They're as needful as the approbation of sycophants we do not respect.

The things that matter are simple things. Kindness. Courtesy. Stringing words together. Making a picture. Making a play. Making a small change in the tiny world around you.

Think about that while I step outside for a minute. I can hear a gaggle of gutter punks singing bad bluegrass. Hand me my cane. This will be such fun.


  1. "They're as needful as the approbation of sycophants we do not respect."

    That is...delicious. Absolutely delicious. My knees and my inability to burn the candle at 42 ends without going insane are the only things that I don't like about getting older.
    Otherwise? Bring.It.On.

  2. I love this. To me, the worst thing about getting old is READING GLASSES! Ugh!

    The best thing? Been there, done that, don't need to impress anyone anymore. :)

  3. Reading Glasses!?

    I have a pair in every room of the apartment, two in the car, and a couple in every jacket I've ever been known to wear!

    And I still can't find them when I need them.

    I'm beginning to learn how to act blase'.

  4. I love this. I am slowly finding the gems of aging, and this helps.


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