Sunday, April 26, 2009

On Counting to Ten

I was reminded of something this morning when I found myself in the process of writing a post for today, and that is that it's best to let a little time pass before releasing something that might cause offense or pain to someone.

I had written this for wont of anything else to write about:
In paying one of my now-infrequent visits to a certain local Bulletin Board, I spied this headline (in boldface): Donnie James Passes Away From Ambush Magazine.

It fairly set my teeth a-grindin' and made me want to respond, "No, no, no. He died from a brain tumor. Ambush had nothing to do with it, no matter what you may suppose."

"And, furthermore," I would have gone on, "he was either Donald James or Donnie Jay. He never portmanteued his name into 'Donnie James'. If you're gonna set yourself up to be the town crier, at least get your facts straight, ya fuck. And don't capitalize the preposition 'from' in a headline either. That's ignorant."

Luckily for this person, I've long ago forsworn posting to that site.

I'm so glad now that I thought better of posting that. Being ugly is so ... d├ęplaisant.

I give myself an "Attaboy".

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