Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ah ... [sigh] ... A Tiny Glass Figure ... So Small ... a Glance

A new review of our Menagerie, this one from Delia Nakayama, writing in Hokubei.com.

I admit to being nonplussed at Ms. Nakayama's slant on Williams' play. But, as our publicist wrote me soon after he first saw this ... , "it is 'good press' ".

Herewith, a few of Ms. N's cherry blossoms:
  • Local, well-loved and revered Lyla Hay Owen (“Amanda”) stole the show with her hilarious interpretations and intonations.
  • Keith Launey (“Tom”) also savored Williams’ words and perfectly timed “...the luckiest people are dead!” when airing his frustration about a dead-end job that he has to keep to support his sister and mother.
  • Liz Mills (“Laura”) beautifully portrayed her character’s fragility contrasted against an indifferent world and her adoration of her glass menagerie, her only friends. She also emotionally illustrated a poignant, unrequited love for “Jim,” Laura’s only gentleman caller, played by Leon Contasvesprie, who presented a strong performance as well.
All in all, another fitting[?] bouquet to what may very well turn out to be my swan song.

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