Saturday, March 14, 2009

Saturday Reverie

A short rush of rain just splashed down over us here in the Quarter. I left my desk to walk through the French doors overlooking the patio where I could watch it and feel its damp breeze insinuate itself across the nape of my neck.

I'm putting off work I should be doing for our play, grasping at any distraction that can lure me away from things that need to be done. We're taking today off from meeting and rehearsing, from having to be near each other. We can't stand having to be in the same room together right now. Nothing out of the ordinary, just process.

Tomorrow we'll move into the theatre and start setting our stage and hanging our lights. A day of drudgery we all are dreading.

As for me, I'm afraid of having to tackle this technical aspect on my own. I may be able to tell you what I want to see onstage, but I no longer have the physical stuff to climb and bolt and lift - all the things it takes to make a set look like what it is I want to see.

Available members of my cast, my crew of one, and a friend will all be there to help with this. My design is simple, a minimum of the essentials necessary to stage a play, any play, this play.

I'm longing for the day, not far off now, when I can walk away, take comfort in my home again, sleep with abandon, and preoccupy myself with the myriad of insignificant things that fill our lives and shape them.

1 comment:

  1. Just catching up on things around the neighborhood . . . I really like your new look. And I hope easy days are coming your way soon.


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