Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lugging the Carcass

Man, nothing like a few kind words to dry you up. I've had writer's block ever since a lady named Calamity looked my way. I've done a little work putting up a new template, still not sure if I klike it, but these third-party XML's can go crazy when you load them into Blogger. Still, weeding through them gave me plenty to do to kep my mind off my worries.

I'm exhausted, drained, not sure how I'm making it from moment to moment, and the sparseness of this new look matches my mood.

Putting on this play is killing me. The people who used to be around to take up some of the slack are not around this time, and I'm finding myself doing things I'm not prepared, and probably not equipped, to do. Like, for instance, setting lights, and programming the cues. I've never done that before, and the manual which could show me how to do it seems to have left the building.

And nobody cares.

People close to the production are predicting large houses for the performances, but I'm not seeing much in ticket sales. Theatre in New Orleans is a social event above anything else. Nobody wants to go to a play. They want to see that girl who can carry a tune play Liza Minnelli in Cabaret cause she's just gonna be so much better than that other girl who played Liza in Cabaret at that dinner theatre across the lake last year. They've never heard of Sally Bowles.

I have to keep reminding myself that I always get this way around this time, close to opening. And everything will work out fine, you'll see.

But the thing is, nobody ever gets to see what it is that I saw before the reality of mounting a production put three-dimensional bodies on a drably-set stage with insufficient lighting and with tacky music piped through an overused sound system.

And probably nobody cares.


  1. Two things darling: In reference to the dark mood...have you seen the picture I have on my blog of me? hehe Also, we KNOW the play will be amazing, because you are an amazing director and you have a very talented cast. So liven-up Mary :)

  2. My 2 cents: I prefer a leaner look, so I prefer this template to the older one. Also, for what it's worth, this one loads *a lot* faster than the old one. I'm not entirely sold on the 3 column layout, but it seems to work OK here. I may have to look into it...

    And I hope the play turns out to be standing room only!

  3. CC, who knows how the play will turn out. I have to remember it ain't that important.

    Rick, the more I deal with it, the more I like it, too. It's minimalist. Like me.


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