Sunday, February 22, 2009

One Quick Note Before Bed

Stayed in tonight and watched the Oscars. Kind of enjoyed it. A few thoughts.
  • Hugh Jackman should always be photographed full length. He looks good in medium shot and close-up, but why waste those on a dude who can stand on his own two legs way high above his own two feet the way that Jackman can?
  • I liked the way the acting awards were presented, like some star-chamber affair in which five previous winners each took turns defending and praising the talents of a particular nominee before finally naming one who had earned the right to advance to the next evolutionary stage of stardom. The women did it better than the men, but then, being women, and of a certain age - and their careers now being nil - I suppose they could afford to be gracious.
  • Speaking of gracious, the acceptance speeches were, except for maybe the one Kate Winslet gave. She was clearly so hungry for that Oscar, she practically ate it whole with her Julie Andrews teeth right there in front of Meryl Streep.
  • Bobby doesn't believe there was ever a movie called Slumdog Millionaire. He thinks it's all made up and that the whole Oscar ceremony was done in secret while this phony ceremony was being broadcast to the world and that the real big winners were Benjamin Button and Frost/Nixon, but it would have been too politically incorrect for the members of the Academy to show themselves giving those guys the Oscars since a new Third-World cabal is inexorably swallowing up the old Jewish one that once ran Hollywood.
Time now for bed.

Oh, but first this little prayer.

Please, God, for once - just once - one day before I die, let me find myself in a room alone with Sophia Loren and let me get to hold her for a minute - just a minute - for an hour, maybe. Just let me put my arms around her and hold her once - or maybe twice - before I die. Did you see her there tonight, all full and round and so Italian? Standing on that stage with her right hand slung up on her right, child-bearing hip the whole time? Saucy pagan!


Well, now good night ... I mean, Amen.

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