Friday, January 18, 2008

Weekly Photo Challenge: Cemeteries

This is a traditional treatment of a New Orleans gravesite. I took this Monday at St Roch Cemetery. While walking down the "streets" of the cemetery, I passed one of the many oven vaults the city is famous for. This scene at this moment was the kind of odd juxtaposition we see everyday and everywhere around us:

Next week is your call, Dave.

See more cemetery photos from Firehorse, Jeff, and NOLA Cleophatra.

I'm still waiting on Kyklops. (Never mind, he's weighed in with this post.)

Dave's buddy, Bud, has posted one now.

D in Colorado has met the challenge, too.

Now Dave's friend, Bryan, has entered Da-a-ave's Weekly Photo Challenge. (I don't know why I'm giving him space here ... )

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