Thursday, December 20, 2007

Take Five

Last night was the last rehearsal for Calme au Blanc for a while. We're breaking for the Christmas and New Year holidays. I confess it's a relief.

I've never prepped a show where we rehearse for a short period of time then break for a month to allow two of the principal actors time off to appear in another play before regrouping to finalize the production for it's opening. It's bizarre, but the play is looking good.

Last night, before leaving, I even told Louie that I'd give anything to see another production of it with a different director and a different cast because his script is so rich. I'd just love to see what different people would make of it.

Afterwards, after helping to load the great "bed" into Louie's pickup, I headed over to the Latrine to catch up with Bobby. Dave, who had just returned from his trip to Oklahoma, was there. We had a ball.

We'll be feeding Dave crawfish soon. So no one needs to worry about the little guy going hungry while he's "between engagements". Oh, and eggs-with-a-bubble. I learned how to cook eggs-with-a-bubble on my George Foreman yesterday.

Today, between the thunderstorms, I'll be doing laundry. It's time. People are beginning to notice that I'm wearing the same clothes day in and day out. Besides, I've run out of socks.

In the meantime, I think I'll scour a few blogs of interest, trying my best to avoid those that meander along about the insignificant little mundane episodes of their writers' insignificant little mundane existences. Don't you just hate those?

Oh, by the way, I met Varla Jean Merman last night! Hot.

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