Thursday, December 27, 2007

So Sorry, Dave

So I'm having this IM conversation with Dave this morning, and I mention that I'm planning on going out to take some pictures.

And he says,"That reminds me. I wanted to go back to Frady's in the Marigny to take a picture. Apparently they got robbed and there is a folk-art portrait of the mugger on the wall outside."

When he seemed to sense I might have an interest in taking the picture myself, he became defensive and petulant.

"Bitch, you best not be taking no pictures in my hood," he whined.

Then he thought better of it and said, "We should make it a competition. ... This week's theme is 'folk-art portraits of muggers'."

As you can see, I beat him to it. Lucky for me Frady's was right around the corner from the Guede sculpture below.

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