Friday, December 28, 2007

Say "Uncle"

He-Who-Hates-Me-and-the-Ground-I-Walk-On is begrudgingly beginning to eat his own crow:
The Marigny Theater also displayed a new professionalism in the rollicking [dick sow - I mean "show"] and the surprisingly well-cast and knowing "Valhalla" by Paul Rudnick.
No names, please, with such a left-handed compliment. After all, the whole show just sprang up fully formed, didn't it. And, by the way, although Valhalla was presented at the Marigny Theatre, it was produced by To Do Productions.

Funny he forgot all about Cobalt Blue, considering he was so enamored of Louie that he was dribbling the night he saw the play.

Interesting, too, that he fails to mention that on the night he did come to see our show, he arrived late, perhaps intoxicated over a certain one-man-show acteur, and fell over a row of seats trying to get his mitts on a visiting semi-celebrity.

How even self-perceived power corrupts and corrodes. I think it's time I start taking pity on this sad little man.

Nah, not yet.

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