Saturday, December 22, 2007

From Whence I Sprung

I see on my little calendar that yesterday was Forefather's Day. Isn't that Canadian or something? I don't remember ever getting off school for it.

Anyway, it got me to thinking about my own forebears, all peasant stock, I'm afraid. Besides, it being the Christmas season and all, you're supposed to get all nostalgic and sentimental and appreciative, you know.

So we start this little slide show with a snapshot of my mother, her mother, and her mother's mother, may great-grandma. Next is a shot of my great-grandma the way I remember her. She was Sicilian and never learned a word of English from the time she arrived on these shores in 1909 until she died at the age of 92. Then comes the only picture I have of my dad's father, Joseph Emile, followed by a picture of dad's mother, the indomitable Eva Mouton.

What a bunch of old cusses they were.

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