Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Verti Marte delivers more than expected to Craigslist:
You may have been in this situation before- you order food, the delivery boy arrives at your door, and he's adorable. What's the first thing you do when you close the door? You either whisper something to the effect of "he was really cute!" to whoever you're with or just quietly swoon. After all, how often does an attractive stranger show up on your doorstep? And how often is that attractive stranger bringing you food? So we can all agree that having a hot delivery guy is great. But a handful of internet users recently took their love of a particular delivery boy to new levels by posting in Craigslist.com's "missed connections" category and causing a bit of a stir.

"Missed connections" is a section of Craigslist where one can log on and attempt to get in contact with people whose names one doesn't know - for example, one post reads, "You were at Rue de la Course with your red backpack. I tripped, you smiled. We had something, wanna get a drink?"

In early November, posters began to discuss a certain Verti Marte delivery boy and his apparent attractiveness. One post after another - written by both women and men - started to appear. One person said that the mystery man played the accordion. Another referred to him as being tall and handsome. Some posters blatantly confessed their lust. Others responded by calling those discussing the Verti Mart boy "creepy stalkers" or telling women that they need to raise their standards.
This is really uncomfortable. How can people get themselves in a tizzy over a kid on a bike? Whatever happened to real men?

I think I'll start a thread on C-L. Something like:
Hey, you burly, tough-looking guy. I saw you at the theatre in the Marigny the other night. The play was cool; but you were way cooler as you prowled the back of the theatre like you owned the place. I know you saw me staring, cause once I caught your eye, and I swear you winked at me. Somebody told me you were the director of the play. Wanna direct me in something? I'm really good at being bad.
Yeah, that would be neat.

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