Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Who Do You Have to Do to Get a Review?

Our poor little publicity man is today groveling and begging the folks at to come and review Valhalla this weekend before we close. I don't know if it's worth his effort.

The only show of ours that website has ever reviewed was the dick sow - I mean "show"; and, although they loved that, they never reviewed any of our efforts before and show no inclination of ever reviewing any of our productions again. Whenever I've asked about this, the people in charge have explained that there are only so many reviewers and they cannot get to every show. It's a shame.

No local musical goes unreviewed. No favored performer (usually a tap dancing belter) ever goes unrecognized. You might begin to think it may have something to do with a theatre venue and a producing entity that choose to present queer theatre. "Queer" and "theatre" so seldom stroll down the boulevard hand in hand, so to speak.

So maybe, if it turns out that we have finally begged enough, one of their little scribblers will pay us a visit and deign to publish his or her thoughts. It won't do us any good, though, since we are ending our run this weekend.

That's a shame, because we are one of only a handful of non-profit theatre companies in New Orleans that pays its actors for their performances. We pay each actor $1.00 from every ticket sold. On top of that, we give them comps to pass out to their friends.

It seems a site that calls itself community-driven is doing little to support that community. Sad.

On top of that, more people regularly jump to StageClique through links on this blog than from other external pages, excluding search engines. Bigezbear is consistently at or near the top of their referral list:

Maybe it's time I stopped linking to them and started using them as just an advertising source.

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